About Us


Welcome to the Independent Jewish World Cinema (IJWC) website. As the parent non-profit organization of the East Bay International Jewish Film Festival, we concur with this program’s motto: See a Film. See the World. We are dedicated to expanding horizons, breaking down cultural barriers, and being a catalyst for exploration…of historical as well as contemporary issues. 


Our film screenings promote pluralism and construct cultural bridges between our area’s diverse religious and ethnic groups. In addition, our 40+ feature films, shorts and documentaries reflect the dynamism and diversity of the global Jewish community. Through our films, we also explore the richness of Jewish identity and history, and bring such issues as stereotyping and racism to the attention of our youth audience (via subsidized screenings). Our films and other programs resonate for both Jews and non-Jews due to their broad appeal and the social issues that are explored.


We continue to sponsor student-friendly screenings. Through the window of film, students of all ages learn to appreciate different lifestyles as well as shatter stereotypes. Hopefully, they will gain a greater respect for different cultures and beliefs. In 2017, we added a free screening on Saturday afternoon, which proved very popular with the general community. We look forward to again showing a free, family-friendly film to the public.

How does the IJWC support the greater community? 

  • We serve as a “meeting ground” by building cultural bridges between our region’s many different religious and ethnic communities 

  • We connect attendees to the cultures of different nations by doing outreach in partnership with the local foreign consulates 

  • We create dialogue on issues of contemporary importance at between-festival screenings 

  • We provide cultural and educational content to middle school through college-age students through special screenings, family-friendly films and a screening especially chosen in consultation with educators at local community colleges

If you agree with our mission, consider joining us as an individual, organizational or corporate sponsor. Go to our “Donate” page to learn more.

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